‘THE SHACK’ Red velvet doughnut .

Ladies & gentlemen, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, it’ll make history, it’s a Doughnut!!!! That’s right, a doughnut, but it’s not just a doughnut, it’s the red velvet doughnut from the The Shack, the new doughnut café in Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork city. The first time I had a red velvet doughnut was when the bakery in Super Valu started to sell them with cream in the middle but after about a year they stopped selling them. I felt like the world was ending, :-() -(nooooooo!!!!!!!!) until now, The Shack on Oliver Plunkett St. are now selling them, 🙂 -(yaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!) but this time there’s no cream in the middle, because there’s custard instead!  🙂 -(yaaayyyyyy again!!!!!!!!) I can honestly say that not only is this version better than the one from Super Valu but it’s the best doughnut I ever had!  🙂 .IMAG0030IMAG0029IMAG0032IMAG0033IMAG0034IMAG0031IMAG0035



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