2016 Mini Stretch Armstrong review

Stretch Armstrong was released in 1976 by Kenner and remade in 1981 by Cap Toys. Character re-released the original last year in 2016. This is the 2016 Character mini Stretch Armstrong. This is my fourth stretch figure, my first was the 1990s Stretch Armstrong which was thrown out when a rumour came out that the gel inside him was toxic (the rumour was not true however, Stretch Armstrong figures are filled with corn syrup), my second was the 2016 giant 12” Stretch Armstrong which broke within three weeks because of “over stretching” and my third was the 2016 mini 7’’ Stretch Armstrong which broke within three minutes of ‘’over stretching’’. Two weeks ago I decided to give the mini Stretch Armstrong another go and this time I would minimise stretching. It shows a picture on the box of one person stretching his legs and another stretching his arms, but if you want your Stretch Armstrong to last longer than a few minutes then it isn’t a good idea to do this. It is surprisingly much more detailed than the larger 12’’ figure. He looks just like the original Stretch Armstrong except for the fact his shorts are simply painted on this time. He is very delicate and I’d say the ones they used in the TV commercials all broke when they were finished. Despite this he is a very cool figure and I am looking forward to next year when Armstrong’s old enemies, Vac-man and Stretch Monster, will be re-released along with Stretch Bat-man, Stretch Dr. Who figures and even the new updated Stretch Screamers. 🙂











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