“Shocking Dark” (1989) movie review

“Shocking Dark” is a film from 1989 directed by Italian director, Bruno Mattei. The film is set in post apocalyptic Venice when a military team who call themselves the Mega Force are attacked by a race of vicious aliens! The film is apparently ,and in some ways obviously, a rip-off of James Cameron’s film Aliens from 1986. Most of the characters are basically rip-offs themselves. Here’s a few examples:

Vasquez (aliens)-Koster (shocking dark)

Lt. Ellen Ripley (Aliens)-Dr. Sara Drumbell (Shocking Dark)

Carter Burk (Aliens)-Mr. Fuller (Shocking Dark)

Bishop (Aliens)-also Mr. Fuller (Shocking Dark)

The film is not as boring as people say, reviews on the internet say that it’s terrible. I actually found it quite interesting but if, like me, you already saw “Aliens” then watching it will be just be like Where’s Wally finding all the scenes that were stolen from “Aliens”. The only thing that’s different about it is that they throw in a Terminator for good luck.

*Images are not my own.




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